“I’ve been using KinetiCream for a few years now, and MY GOODNESS! All of my aches and pains, from my days as a college basketball player to now training to be a seven-time Mr. Olympia, they’re gone! It helps control my inflammation and allows me to continue to work out and feel great while I travel around the globe being the biggest ambassador for the sport of bodybuilding. My chiropractor uses this in conjunction with ultrasound as well as a stand alone. What’s most impressive is that while it works on the first use, it continues to work just as well if not better with each additional use.”

Phil Heath, Fort Lauderdale, FL – Mr. Olympia, 2011-2017


“I’ve been using KinetiCream daily for the past week. I’d say I’ve been in 60% less pain in my ankle and knee. Great Product!”

Matt Meinrod, Jacksonville, FL

“Wrestling definitely took a toll on my body! To recover, my favorite product is KinetiCream! I love that stuff!”

Chavo Guerrero – Professional Wrestler, California

“Thank you very much for KinetiCream. It has helped me and my patients tremendously. I started getting acquainted with it when I was pregnant and having low back pain. I was still adjusting all day and working full time into my 3rd trimester. By the end of the day, my back would really ache. KinetiCream has helped me so much and really took the ache away. It is all natural so it was really the only thing I could use and I was so glad it worked. Now, I recommend it to my patients and have seen great results and have many patients coming back for more. They are really looking for something that is natural, no chemicals, and gets better results than Biofreeze. I am very glad that I now have something like that to offer them. Thanks Again!!”

Dr. Kelly Gallagher
Chiropractic Physician
Advanced Chiropractic
Stow, OH

“I really like KinetiCream’s texture in that I’m an ART doc and as you know, even though we’re not supposed to use lotion I find I’m actually able to generate more tension if the skin texture is slightly moist. The challenge has been finding a lotion that isn’t “too” slippery. KinetiCream seems to provide the perfect balance while providing an additional therapeutic modality!”

Dr. Steven Bartz
Chiropractic Physician
South Beach Pain & Injury
Dana Point, CA

“My patients love it. They don’t mind at all that it cost more than the “freeze”, because they see the value in the ingredients. A common remark is that it works “deeper” and many use it because of the sinus relief they have received, secondary to the muscle application. I put it on the patient and then it pretty much sells itself.

It has helped me clinically with myofasciitis and “tendonitis” Complaints. KinetiCream is a major player in the recovery of overused or injured muscles. It has helped soften fibrotic tissue, making for healthier and more functional muscle action. I even use it with my Graston tools.”

Mark Olivetti, Doctor of Chiropractic, Mechanicsburg, PA

“I gave the cream to my co-worker for his shoulder. His shoulder was very achey and it would cause him trouble while trying to sleep, so he applied the cream before bed. It worked well and allowed him to sleep through the night with no issues. Thank you!” JP – Michigan

“Not only does KinetiCream help my back it kills migraines!!!! This is a miracle in a bottle!! Your cream (also) enabled me to stop taking narcotic pain killers sooner with my current knee injury of bursitis & a fractured kneecap! Courtney S. – Hawaii

“My patients love this cream! So much better than the others I have used in the past in my office!”

Chad Parsons, Doctor of Chiropractic, Virginia

“KinetiCream is the only thing I’ve found over the last eight years that helps my hands. I love it!” – Jac K., Ohio

“As soon as my bottle ends, I am going to buy from Phoenix Bioperformance again. My wife and my sister loved the product, too.” – Bruno B., – Brazil

“I’ve been using KinetiCream now for about 1 month. I was referred to it by my doctor, Dr. Craig Banks and it is excellent. 1st, it is long lasting, 2nd, it takes effect in about 10 minutes and the nice thing is it takes a little amount for an area. I highly recommend everyone to try it for little aches and for deep joint pains.” – Brad Fields, Ohio

“Happy to give you some feedback on the product, which I dearly love.

I heard on a podcast about the older version of your cream and couldn’t believe the claims but I ordered some ‘for my wife’s arthritis’ anyway. When it arrived, the smell was a little strong and that put her off after only one application. I kept it on the shelf for awhile till I ended up messing up my elbow. The pain there just wouldn’t go away over even moderate. Using the cream, in only the little bit needed, brought substantial relief in only a few days and had fully cleared up the pain after two weeks. Wonderful.

I ran out and wanted to order more only to find it had morphed into KinetiCream. I wondered if it would be as good/the same and am pleased to report it works as well and has almost no scent (I sort of miss it to some extent, sort of reminded me it was working). Anyway, I love it and use it most days, prophylactically, on my knees and elbows.

I also love your sample size at its just the right size for my gym bag to always have it with me when I need to use it.

Thanks for a great product, I’m going to be sending one of the sample bottles to my sister-in-law who is having muscle problems after a knee replacement. I’m expecting great praise from her when it starts to work on her knee.”
Phil R., California

“At 46 years of age KinetiCream has become part of my post workout ritual to keep inflammation at bay. I have noticed decreased recovery time and a dramatic reduction in tenderness in the joints and tendons from regular use.” – Joseph W., Arizona